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Sex Zombies Part 2

Sex Zombies Part 2

By Norm DePloom - Nov 23, 2004 - From erotic- stories. Erotic Stories - Views - 3661 Watch live men and women 100% FREE on Home Adult Webcams Erotic sex story - If you don't like sex stories, don't read it. If you don't like stories bout forced sex, don't read it.If you are below the arbitrary age set for your area, don't read it.If for any reason it is illegal for you to read this story, don't read it. All the characters and events in this story are fictional; any resemblance to real people or events is entirely coincidental. Sex ZombiesPart 02 ByNorm DePloom Mattie woke up on her stomach, tied spread-eagle to the bed with the ball gag still strapped into place. It took her several minutes to realize where she was and what had happened to her. Mattie's rush of memory became a wave of anger and humiliation which evolved into a flood of sexual excitement that left her humping against the bed trying to relieve the growing ache in her cunt. Her desperate, and ultimately useless, humping against the mattress only served to increase her humiliation in an escalating cycle of shame and unsatisfied lust. Mattie first froze then resumed her desperate fucking against the mattress, with almost insane intensity, when she turned her head and saw her ex-husband, sitting in a chair and stroking his hard cock, while watching her tortured attempt to relieve her unwanted sexual desire. The sadistic, evil smile on Dan's face sent a chill down Mattie's spine. "Good morning slut." Dan greeted his ex-wife as he rose from the chair to stand, naked and hard, beside the bed. "Lay still." Mattie's fucking motions stopped immediately, followed by a loud, begging moan, which was only partially blocked by the ball gag. "I've been playing a tape of instructions over and over for you while you slept." Dan informed his exwife as he slipped his hand between her legs. "I'm going to release you now, " he continued as he slipped three fingers almost effortlessly into her hot, open and exceedingly wet cunt, "and see how effective the programming has been" The word 'programming' sent chills of terror through Mattie's trembling naked body. "You are not to talk, " Dan instructed as he pulled his fingers from her pussy and wiped them on her bare trembling butt cheeks, "or scream, " Dan continued as he removed the ball gag from Mattie's mouth, "or make any noise at all." He finished as he released the restraints from her wrists and ankles. "Now, " Dan commanded as he stepped back from the bed, "kneel in front of me." Mattie pulled herself slowly up from the bed and, her short leash still hanging between her breasts knelt in front of her tormentor her face only an inch from his pulsing hard cock. "You love my cock." Dan instructed as he grabbed the mentioned member at its base and rubbed its drooling head over Mattie's face. "You want to suck my cock so badly it makes you salivate." In spite of her knowledge that she was under chemical control, Mattie felt a wave of love and desire wash over her for the hard cock being rubbed against her face, and turned her head so it would rub on her now drooling lips. "You are starving, " Dan continued as he pushed the head of his cock between Mattie's lips, "and only my cum will keep you alive." Mattie sucked the offered cock into her mouth and swirled her tongue over its sensitive head as if her life depended on it. Her saliva oozed down Dan's cock shaft and matted his pubic hair. Strings of spit bounced between Mattie's nose and Dan's belly each time she pulled her head back in preparation to throwing herself forward impaling her mouth again and again on his hard cock. Through the urgency of her cock sucking Mattie was just becoming aware of another desperate need as her bladder signaled urgently for relief. More waves of shame and humiliation washed over Mattie as she realized that she was leaking urine down the inside of her thighs, causing her to redouble her efforts to bring her ex-husband to orgasm. Finally Dan grabbed handfuls of hair on both sides of her head and, holding his throbbing cock buried to the hilt in her mouth and throat pumped his cum into her stomach. After his cock stopped pulsing with orgasmic waves of cum, Dan fell back into the chair against the wall. Only then did he see the pools urine beginning to collect on the floor around his ex-wife's knees. "God what a disgusting pig." Dan sneered as he pulled on a pair of shorts then grabbed her leash and, after pulling Mattie to her feet, drug her by her collared neck through the house and out the back door into the yard. "Squat and pee." Dan ordered with obvious disgust. Mattie's need was so urgent that she followed his orders without hesitation, only feeling the accompanying shame and humiliation as the pressure began to lessen and she was able to think about what she was actually doing. After the loud hissing slowly calmed to a dribble then to a few remaining drops Dan pulled his naked, urine soaked ex-wife to her feet and led her around the back yard by her leash, stopping here and there to expound on what he planned to do with the garden and yard landscaping now that the house belonged to him. "I think I'd like to have a gazebo right here, " Dan informed Mattie talking as if it was perfectly normal for him to be leading her around the yard naked and on a leash, "with a whipping post, so when I feel like participating in some outdoor sports I can beat you and fuck you in the garden." "I called Debbie, " Dan informed her as he tugged on the leash, walking her back toward the house, "she's coming over for dinner tonight-" Anger and hatred more intense even than what she had felt while he was raping her ass flared up in Mattie causing a corresponding wave of sexual excitement that rehardened her nipples and caused an almost mind breaking urge to finger fuck herself to sweep over her, "she's going to become my sex slave tonight." Dan finished causing Mattie to stumble with the intensity of her sexual feelings. "I can feel how much this pisses you off." Dan said turning to his ex-wife and pushing several fingers easily into her. "Your not allowed to cum yet." He continued as he stroked her over worked clitoris roughly. "I'm going to drive you insane with sexual desire before I let you have another orgasm." Dan leaned over and worked her hard nipples with his tongue, lips and teeth while he pulled roughly on her swollen clitoris. Oh god please fuck me, Mattie was screaming inside her head, please let me cum. Mattie spread her legs and pushed her desperate cunt against her tormentors fingers, all the while knowing from experience that it would do no good, until her ex-husband gave her permission she could not cum no matter how frantically she fucked herself. "You will yell as loud as you can 'Fuck me, oh god please fuck me.' over and over until I tell you to stop" Dan ordered temporarily releasing her abused nipple. Mattie immediately began to yell, loud enough for the neighbors for several houses around to hear, for her ex-husband to fuck her. Even Mattie could hear the unrequited sexual lust in her own voice as she begged to be satisfied. "That's enough." Dan ordered as he stepped away leaving his ex-wife obscenely humping the air with her wet open pussy. The begging shout stopped like a switch had been thrown. "I think, " Dan spoke as he pulled on Mattie's leash to get her moving toward the house, "that I will invite all the old men in the neighborhood, the ones who knew you when you were a horny little kid, over so you can suck their cocks and fuck them." Mattie stumbled, in a daze of lust and anger through the back door as her ex-husband continued his planning. "I bet most of them jerked off thinking about your little hairless cunt when you were a young girl." Dan pulled her by the leash back through the house and into her bedroom then rummaged around in her closet for a few minutes. "Here, " Dan said holding out Mattie's favorite and most expensive dress, "go clean up your pee." Taking the dress in her trembling hand, Mattie walked across the hall into her parent's bedroom and, getting down on her knees began to wipe up the urine that had leaked from her while she had been maniacally sucking on her ex-husband's cock. Once the hardwood floor in the bedroom was dry Mattie crawled on her hands and knees, her leash dragging and her breasts hanging down and swaying from side to side as she followed the dribbles of pee through the house and mopped the floor with her dress. As she moved through the hallway toward the living room and kitchen Mattie heard the phone ring and, while she continued mopping the floor with her dress, listened to her ex-husband's conversation. "Hello asshole, " Dan turned towards Mattie on her hands and knees. "your ex-fiancee, is on the phone. Speaking of assholes, " Dan continued turning his attention back to the phone, "I really fucked Mattie's good last night." Dan grinned at his ex-wife and made 'jerking-off' motions with his hand in the air while he listened to Frank on the phone. "No you can't talk to her on the phone, she's not allowed to talk with her mouth full, " Dan gave his ex-wife a sly wink as if she were participating in a joke they were playing on Frank, "no, you can't come over, " as Mattie moved past him on her hands and knees Dan slipped his foot out of his sandal and, pushing it between her legs, rubbed her swollen wet cunt with his instep. Mattie immediately responded by pushing herself against his foot and moving her whole body forward and backward, rubbing her over-used pussy against her tormentor's ankle. "You make a list of your property that you've left in this house and mail it to me, " Dan raised his voice and removed his foot from Mattie's crotch, leaving her once again desperately humping herself against the thin air for a moment before returning to her assigned task of cleaning up her pee trail, "and if Mattie confirms that the items on the list belong to you I'll return them." Mattie, having worked her way to the back door and having no more urine to clean up, sat on the floor with her back against the end of a set of kitchen cabinets and, propping her feet up on the cabinets on the other side of the back door, spread her legs and began working her fingers deeply in and out of herself while she listened to her ex-husband on the phone with her fiancee and wept with silent heaving sobs. Why, Mattie asked silently, 'am I fingering myself? She was deriving no pleasure from the activity but continued with a driving compulsion that only her exhusband' s cryptic reference to 'programming' could explain. "If you set one foot on this property, " Mattie heard Dan threaten as she mindlessly fucked her fingers in and out of her pussy, "and I'll have you arrested, and Mattie will get a restraining order to keep you away from her." Mattie closed her eyes against the tears and redoubled her compulsive finger fucking. Mattie, her mind being filled with a desperate need to make herself cum, was only vaguely aware of the sound of the phone being hung up as she pounded two fingers of her left hand in and out of her cunt while she pulled on, and rubbed her clitoris more roughly than her exhusband ever had. Leaning her head back against the cabinets Mattie opened her mouth in a silent scream as she teetered on the brink of release without the possibility of relief no matter how long she abused her poor overworked pussy. Mattie saw the flash through her eyelids and opened her eyes just in time to look directly into the camera for the second picture. Her body convulsed with sexual need as she watched, angrily but helplessly, as her ex-husband continued to take pictures of her compulsive masturbation. "These, " Dan said as he leaned over to get a close shot of Mattie's fingers slamming in and out of her red, puffy, sore looking cunt, "are going to look great on your new web site 'SlutSisters'." "Stop what your doing, " Dan continued as he turned to leave the room, "and come with me." Mattie struggled to stand on her unsteady legs while her whole body shook and twitched violently. As she turned to follow her tormentor from the room Mattie, seeing a large cleaver resting on the counter, reached out to pick up the weapon. Not sure if she wanted to us it on her ex-husband or on herself Mattie noticed that the closer her hand came to the handle of the vicious looking weapon the harder it was for he to move her arm until all motion stopped with her finger tips less than an inch from the object of her attention. When she tried to lunge at the handle Mattie's arm jerked back so violently that she was forced to take a couple of steps backward to keep from falling down. Silently sobbing with suicidal despair Mattie turned and followed her ex-husband back through the house to the bedroom that used to be her parent's. "Sit, " Dan ordered pointing to a straight back chair. Mattie, desperately trying to control her violently twitching body almost knocked the chair over backwards when she sat down. "Open your mouth and lift your tongue, " Dan instructed as he held onto the top of Mattie's head to help control the shaking while he put another dose of the mind control drug under her tongue. "Shut your mouth, " he instructed after the drug had been administrated. "Relax, " Dan advised as he gently stroked Mattie's hair, "relax and let the drug do its work, " Dan continued petting Mattie's head tenderly, "you'll feel better when it does." He's right, Mattie thought as her body relaxed and the almost seizure like body twitching slowly stopped, I am feeling better. "Relax" Dan continued to say gently over and over as he watched her twitching deminish and her muscles soften in deeper and deeper relaxation, "now go to sleep." "Wake up." Mattie wasn't sure if she really heard the command, or just dreamed it, but when she woke up from her nap, relaxed and rested, Dan was putting away a tape recorder. "Put these on, " Dan ordered handing Mattie a T-shirt and a pair of cut-off jeans. Mattie began to blush in embarrassment just looking at the clothes she had been given. She put on the T-shirt first. It had been cut off so short that it just barely covered her nipples and aureoles leaving the under curves of her breasts exposed below the bottom of the shirt. Mattie just knew that every step she took, even every move she made would cause her nipples to bounce in and out of view. The jeans that Mattie pulled up her thighs had been cut off so short that half of her butt cheeks would be showing. Worse than that they had been cut in such a way that not more than a quarter-inch of material remained on each side of the seam that ran between her legs. Mattie looked in the mirror and saw pubic hair sticking out the bottom of the jeans. As soon as she finished dressing Mattie pushed a finger inside the narrow strip of denim that was supposed to cover her crotch and, as she rubbed it up and down over her still sore clitoris, Mattie looked at her reflection in the mirror. He's right, She thought gazing at her nearly naked body, I do need to lose a few pounds and tighten up my tummy a bit. As she rubbed her cunt with accelerating vigor, Mattie remembered her ex-husband's statement about turning her into a 'world class fuck machine'. The memory caused a small wave of anger accompanied by a tidal wave of sexual excitement that left her fingers wet and slippery as she continued to stimulate herself. "Stop that." Dan ordered very parentally making Mattie feel like a naughty little girl who had been caught masturbating by her mother. Pushing Mattie's hand aside Dan pulled more of her pubic hair into view and arranged it so tufts of her cunt hair curled enticingly around the edges of the material. As Mattie watched her ex-husband styling her pubic hair she knew she was incredibly angry at him for what he was doing, but the feeling seemed to be really 'far away' and only the resulting lust seemed to be real as she tried to push herself against her ex-husband's hands as he arranged her crotch hair. "Let's go." Dan said when he was satisfied with her 'pube-do'. No matter how angry I get, Mattie thought as she followed Dan, he has the right to be my master. The thought was accompanied by an incredible wave of lust and a small not quit extinguished voice inside her head screaming at her to not give in to the drug and the 'programming'. Dan led his scantily clad ex-wife through the house she grew up in and out to the car her fiancee had given to her as an engagement present. The house and the car that she had signed over to her ex-husband the previous day. Dan, always the gentleman, opened the door on the passenger side and held Mattie's hand as she seated herself in the car. After closing the door Dan walked around to the driver's side and climbed into the car beside his ex-wife. "I think, " Dan reflected as he started the car and backed out of the driveway, "that we might go for the world gang-bang record live on the Internet." The image of being forced to fuck an endless line of men in front of a camera as thousands of others paid to watch on their computers while they jerked off repeatedly, filled Mattie with an almost stomach churning feeling of disgust and revulsion. The feelings generated by the knowledge that her hated exhusband could really force her to do it could only be expressed by the rhythmic rocking of her hips as she tried to rub her aching cunt against the car seat. "Turn on the radio, " Dan instructed with a malicious grin. After turning on the radio Mattie's hand dropped to her crotch and she immediately started working her fingers into the wet tender folds of her pussy. Mattie was oblivious to her ex-husband's gloating laugh as he glanced repeatedly at her. "Stop that." Dan yelled slapping Mattie's hand away from her needy cunt. Mattie moaned in frustration and once again had the feeling of shame and humiliation that had accompanied her mother's discovery of her masturbating when she was young girl. "Turn on the radio, " Dan repeated a minute later. Once again Mattie reached out, turned on the radio, then immediately began fingering herself. "Only nasty little girls touch themselves like that, " Dan said. Mattie's humiliation reached a new peak when she heard the exact words her mother had used when she had caught Mattie indulging in a little self gratification on a warm summer afternoon when she was a young girl. "You don't want to grow up to be a nasty pervert do you?" Dan continued repeating the words of Mattie's mother. Not having been told to stop Mattie continued pumping her fingers in and out of her cunt in spite of the shameful memories of being caught by her mother. "Stop that, you nasty little whore, " Dan continued to torment his ex-wife. Mattie pulled her hands out of her crotch, hating that she had shared with her exhusband about being a compulsive masturbater when she was young and the things her mother used to say to her when she got caught. Dan pulled into the grocery store parking lot and parked the car. "Unfasten your seat belt, " Dan ordered, watching Mattie with an infuriatingly smug grin. Mattie did as she was told then watched with powerless frustration as her hand immediately pushed itself between her legs and her fingers once again dug into her over-used cunt. "I'm going to tell you what's happening, " Dan announced turning sideways in the car seat so he could watch his ex-wife finger fucking herself in public, "that way I'll have the fun of watching you dreading what is going to happen next." He reached over and lifted her cut off T-shirt, exposing her hard-nippled breasts. "You have been programmed, " He continued massaging one of her exposed nipples, "With a compulsion to masturbate every time you com complete a task that you have been assigned." Mattie shook her head in denial even as her fingers continued to fuck in and out of her pussy. Dan leaned over and, after licking her nipple, blew on it making her hard, then continued talking. "While we are in the store I'm going to assign you tasks, " leaning further over he licked then blew on her other nipple before finishing, "and every time you finish one of these you will start masturbating, you wont be able to resist, no matter who's watching you." Mattie became more and more infuriated by her ex- husband's mocking superior grin as well as his attitude that this all was just a really terrific joke. Mattie could feel her already redlined sexual excitement surging off the scale being pushed by the anger she could do nothing to resolve. "And the best part, as you can see, " Dan let her Tshirt fall back into place, barely covering her now hard nipples, and patted her hands which were still working her crotch with ever increasing mania, "is that you can't stop until I tell you to." Mattie did not have to be told that the longer he waited to tell her to stop the more frantically she would abuse herself with no hope of gaining any satisfaction from the humiliating act. "Get out of the car." Since he had not told her to stop fucking herself, Mattie continued the activity with her left hand while she opened the car door and climbed out without taking her fingers from her overworked pussy. As soon as the door closed behind her Mattie reached down with her right hand and spread her swollen much used cunt lips apart so she could slip the fingers of her left hand even deeper into herself. When Dan arrived on her side of the car he stood and watched his ex-wife, bending slightly at the waist, fucking her fingers in and out of her cunt with a frantic intensity he would have never believed was possible if he hadn't seen it with his own eyes. "Stop, " he said softly. Mattie stopped and let her hands hang at her side her intense masturbation having done nothing to relieve the painfully intense sexual feelings that were making it miserable to be Mattie. "Tell me, " Dan asked as he put his arm around his exwife' s naked torso and walked her toward the front door of the grocery store where, Mattie had no doubt, her torture would only intensify, "did your daddy ever catch you fucking yourself?" "Yes." Mattie blurted out the secret she had never told anyone. "Tell me about it, " Dan ordered as he moved his hand up over her stomach to cup her breast in his warm palm, "and don't leave out a single detail." "I was home alone on a warm spring day, " Mattie began against her will to tell the man she hated, more than she had ever hated anyone in her life, the intimate details of the most humiliating event of her life, "I was reading 'Valley of the Dolls', I think it was. The sun was warm and I started feeling really horny, normally I would have gone into my room and shut the door, but I thought 'why bother, I'm here alone' then I unzipped my shorts and slipped my hand into my crotch." "Was your cunt already wet?" Dan let go of her breast and interrupted her story with a question as they walked through the door into the store. "Yes it was, but I didn't put my fingers inside me, I just rubbed my whole crotch in a circular motion with my open hand." "Continue, " Dan ordered as he pulled a cart from the long line of nested metal carts. "I was alone, and I was taking my time. I'd rub myself, then when I got near an orgasm I'd stop and just play with my breasts and nipples for a few minutes, then start rubbing my wet pussy again." "How long did you keep that up?" Dan asked as he began to select items from the shelves to go into his cart. "I don't know, I just know that I became obsessed with the idea of making it last as long as possible. Finally, I reached the point where I couldn't stop, I was working my crotch in circles like I had described except now I had a finger buried deep inside my hot wet pussy. I can't ever remember being as wet as I was that afternoon. By this time my shorts had been com completely kicked off and my knees were bent and my legs were spread as wide as I could spread them." "And it really turned you on, fucking yourself outside, in the backyard where your neighbors might be able to see you." Dan phrased it as a comment not a question as he turned down another isle. "Yes, I was turned on by being almost naked in the backyard. I was turned on fingering myself outdoors where some one might see me and by this time my legs were bouncing up and down, I was rubbing my pussy harder and harder and I was moaning so loud my neighbors would have heard if they'd been home."' Mattie paused for a moment before continuing with tears streaming down her cheeks. "Then I heard my father say 'What the hell are you doing' I opened my eyes and he was standing right at the end of the lounge staring down at my crotch where my hand was still rubbing my pussy furiously. I looked up at him just as I started to cum, I couldn't stop myself, laying there with my legs spread wide, my finger buried deep in my pussy moaning as wave after wave of pleasure crashed over my body all the while looking at the confused, hurt look on my daddy's face as he stared down at my crotch." "Did he have a hardon?" Dan asked in a very calm matter-of-fact voice. "Oh my god, " Mattie said softly, covering her mouth and stopping dead in her tracks, "I'd totally forgotten." Mattie actually blushed remembering the long buried sight of her father standing over her with a huge bulge in his trousers where his hard cock was straining to get out. "So, daddy wanted to fuck his little princess." Again Dan was making a statement of fact not asking a question. "He never touched me, " Mattie almost shrieked in defense of her father. "But, " Dan continued as he stopped and turned to face his ex-wife, "you wanted him to." Mattie again stopped dead in her tracks. "If daddy had dropped his pants and climbed on top of his 'little princess' you would have spread your legs even further and made no effort to stop him." Dan looked intensely at his exwife. "I, " Mattie paused, "I, " her face clouded up with confusion, then her shoulders slumped, "yes, " she finally admitted, "I would have let my daddy fuck me." "I order you to remember everything, " as he spoke Mattie's mind was flooded with long forgotten memories of that afternoon in the backyard, "and tell it all to me." "When, " Mattie started, then leaned against the grocery shelf for support, before continuing in a soft, shaky voice, "when I heard his truck pull into the driveway, " Mattie studied the label on a box of corn flakes with intense interest as she spoke, "I stood up and moved the recliner so the foot end was facing the back door. Then I pulled my shorts the rest of the way off and laid back down." Mattie paused, obviously, even under the influence of the drug, having difficulty relating her memories to her hated ex-husband. "I spread my legs, knowing that my daddy would be able to see my pussy as soon as he stepped out of the back door, and started fingering myself. I laid back and watched the back door through my slited eyelids while my finger slipped in and out of my pussy, which was wetter than I'd ever had it before." Mattie paused again seeming to need to catch her breath before she could continue. "I fingered my pussy and watched as my daddy stepped out of the back door, then froze when he saw what I was doing. Froze accept for his right hand which slowly started rubbing the bulge that was growing in his trousers while he stared at my finger working in and out of my pussy. I watched, " Mattie continued speaking very softly, "while he walked slowly over to where I was laying on the recliner fingering my pussy. He never took his eyes off my crotch, or stopped rubbing his now totally hard cock while he walked." After another brief pause Mattie continued her tale. "I really thought he was going to fuck me, but as he got closer to me he stopped, then his whole body shook like he was shaking himself out of a trance. That's when he yelled at me and called me a whore while I was cuming so hard I thought my hand was going to be broken off where my thighs were clamping down on my wrist. Then, just as my body started to relax he slapped me so hard I was almost knocked off the recliner. After slapping me he called me a whore again then turned to go back into the house, but not before I saw the wet spot spreading rapidly from where his hard cockhead was clearly outlined by the stretched material of his pants." "So, " Dan summed up for his ex-wife, "daddy's 'little princess' offers 'prince' daddy her most prized possession and he responds by calling her a whore and hitting her." "For the rest of his life he never again called me his 'little princess'." The heartbreak in Mattie's voice would have elicited sympathy from anyone else, but Dan was only concerned with finding some place where he could use her body to relieve the incredible hornyness that the story had filled him with. Pulling Mattie along with him Dan ushered her into the one unisex bathroom that was available to the customers and locked the door behind them. Holding his ex-wife up against the inside of the door, Dan unzipped his fly releasing his rock hard cock. Looking into her eyes with malicious intent, Dan lifted her leg and, hooking it over his elbow, reached down with his other hand to pull the minuscule crotch of her cut-offs to the side clearing the way for him to force himself into her cunt. Leaning into her until their pubic hairs mashed against each other, Dan held his ex-wife up with the weight of his body while he lifted her other leg. With both legs hooked over his arms Dan forced his cock more deeply into Mattie's cunt. "Close your eyes, " he ordered as he started pumping in and out of her pussy. "Your in your backyard, you've just cum so hard you thought you were going to die." A deep lust-filled moan escaped from her open mouth. "You're laying on the recliner, " Dan continued to direct his ex-wife's fantasy as he pumped his cock in and out of her, "you spread your legs even further apart as you watch your daddy drop his trousers to the ground. You swallow several times when you catch sight of your daddy's large hard cock." Mattie, in the throws of this hallucination, fucked her hips pushing her cunt onto her ex-husband's pounding cock. "You wrap your arms around your daddy's neck, and tell him to 'fuck your little princess daddy'. As his cock slips into your hot wet virgin cunt you kiss him, opening your mouth for his tongue, just like you opened your body for his dick." "Fuck your little princess daddy." Mattie whispered into Dan's ear then, putting her arms around his neck she kissed him enthusiastically and sucked on his tongue while he fucked her cunt with a hard steady rhythm. "I'm fucking my little slut princess." Dan said doing a good impression of the voice of Mattie's father. "I'm fucking me little whore princess." "When I tell you to, " Dan instructed his ex-wife as he pounded her cunt with his hard cock, "you will say 'Fuck your little whore princess daddy', then 'Your little slut princess is cuming daddy'. You will start cuming when you say these things and you won't stop cuming until I tell you to." "Do it now, " Dan ordered as he impaled Mattie with his cock and held her pinned to the door. Mattie repeated the phrases she had been instructed to say, as her cunt clamped down on her ex-husband's invading cock and her hips jerked in orgasmic spasms, messaging his organ until his hot cum spewed into her. "Stop cuming, " Dan ordered as soon as his own orgasm dribbled to an end. "Relax, " Dan commanded as he pulled his still dripping, softening cock out of her still spasming cunt. "Go to sleep." He finished, holding her relaxing body up long enough to set her on the toilet. It's time, Dan thought as he put more of the drug under her tongue, to rewrite some history. Dan pushed his cock back into his trousers and zipped up his fly while he watched his ex-wife for the subtle signs of suggestibility that accompanied a new dose of the drug. "You will forget everything you just remembered about the way your father reacted when you let him see you masturbating." Dan instructed his ex-wife once he determined her to be ready. "Your daddy did not slap you." he continued. "He took out his cock and fucked you calling you his 'little slut princess' and his 'little whore princess'. After he fucked you, you knelt between his legs and licked his cock until he was hard, then he fucked you again." Dan stopped to think for a moment then continued. "That evening, and ever afterwards, you got a twinge of pleasure in your cunt every time he called you his 'princess' in front of your mother and your sister." Dan paused again then continued. "From then on your daddy always called you his 'little slut princess' or his 'little whore princess' whenever you were alone, or whenever he was fucking you. Which he'd sneak into your bedroom to do every night after your mom went to sleep." "Wake up, " Dan ordered. We can clean up the programming after we get home, Dan thought. "Let's finish our shopping, " Dan said to his ex-wife as he opened the bathroom door and they walked past the suspicious and unhappy looks of the other customers anxiously waiting their turns to use the only public restroom in the grocery store. Recovering their cart from where he had parked it Dan headed down the isle. "Go get me two packages of European style butter." Mattie headed for the dairy department, her face already turning red with the knowledge that as soon as she returned, her hand would drop to her crotch and she would begin to masturbate right there in the middle of the grocery store.....continued.... 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