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All Work And No OVERTIME Makes Horny AMISHI A Dull Girl

All Work and No OVERTIME makes Horny AMISHI a Dull Girl

By - Mar 22, 2010 6134 I was stressed. Majorly stressed. I had spent the last ten hours at work, answering pointless telephone calls and writing dozens of tedious letters to people who i had no idea existed. I just wanted to get home. I wanted to just run a nice hot bath for myself in which i could relax in and then snuggle up in bed, steadily falling asleep.I sighed as I shuffled the last of my paperwork. I placed it on the small pile of which they belonged, picked up my keys and headed out of my office door. I waved goodbye to my boss and disappeared through the exit, heading out into the busy street.It wasn't a long walk to home, but it was long enough. The rushing of cars began to make my head hurt and my stomach was rumbling with the lack of food that i had given it.I turned the last corner and noticed my flat in sight. I actually grinned to myself. I quickened my pace.Turning the key in the lock was such a relief. After stepping inside my front door and yanking the key out of the lock, I rushed up the stairs to my kitchen.I wasn't in the mood for a big meal but i fancied something sweet. I placed three pancakes in the microwave and set it for two minutes. I tapped impatiently on the counter until the machine began to beep.Opening the microwave door, I slide the pancakes on to the awaiting plate and covered them in sugar. I grabbed a knife and fork from the drawer and headed towards my living room. I stopped dead.Kuntal was there. He wasn't supposed to be home from Spain until next week. He was casually slouched on my leather sofa reading this mornings newspaper.The minute I walked in, he swivelled his head to face me, grinning.I dropped my meal to the floor, still dumbstruck. Kuntal stood up.I rushed towards him, flinging my arms around his muscular shoulders. I jumped and wrapped my legs around his hips as his arms embraced my waist and pulled me closer towards him. At first, we just held each other, not saying a word. I was speechless.My voice came to me once i had swallowed the tears."What are you doing here?!" I questioned, my eyes threatening to tear up any second."It turned out that dad didn't have that much stuff to be packed after all. Mum had done most of it, but he insisted I go over there. I guess they just wanted to see their son." He smiled into my eyes as he spoke. I stared back into KuntalÂ’s chocolate brown eyes and realised how much he meant to me. Well, Kuntal is an office colleague, and a Boyfriend. And I, the Hot, Wt, Horny AMISHI am his FUCK PUPPET. He winked at me. I leant in, placing my lips against his. He placed his hand upon my neck as i ruffled his hair with my fingers. He moaned slightly against my lips. Our kiss became more passionate as our tongues touched. Our lips moved together, sending shivers down my spine. He pulled me closer to him and, still carrying me, leant me against the nearest wall. He removed his arms from around my neck and waist and began to lift the soft cotton top that i was wearing. He lifted it above my head and threw it to the floor. I looked at him then. His mood had changed. We smiled at each other and then, suddenly, he grabbed my neck with both hands and pulled my lips to his. Our kiss became fast and thrilling, causing us both to become out of breath as we showed how much we wanted each other. I couldnt help the little moan that came from my lips as he sucked on my bottom lip. I hastily unbuttoned his black shirt, ripping each button apart. He shrugged the shirt from around his shoulders, so it fell to the floor with a soft thump. I stroked his irresistible body, from his toned stomach to his muscular arms. He skillfully unclipped my satin bra and thread my arms through it. He literally threw it across the room. He pressed his chest upon mine, sending chills through me as our naked skin connected. He moved us off the wall and carried me to the leather sofa. He layed me down upon it, leaning over me, kissing my neck as i moaned in his ear. He sucked on the delicate skin, biting gently.He slowly moved his lips up to my ear, sucking on my earlobes and licking behind my ear. I closed my eyes in satisfaction. He used his tounge to lick down my neck, reaching my chest. He kissed my skin softly. He travelled up to my breasts, kissing all around and finally, my nipples. He licked hard across them; making me moan louder. He put his lips around them and sucked on them, pulling them and stimulating them, making them erect. He flicked his tounge faster and faster upon them. I loved to watch him whilst he did this; it really turned me on to see his wet tounge hit my hard nipples. He continued to pleasure me by dragging his soaking wet tounge across them, making me want to scream. After ten minutes of pure pleasure, i was beginning to get seriously turned on. I pulled him off of my erect nipples and pulled him to my lips."You want more, baby?" He whispered quietly in my ear. I practically moaned a yes.I stood up, letting Kuntal sit down. I let him get comfy, before I sat on his lap, my legs spread around his waist and facing him. I began to pleasure him by kissing his soft neck, and stroking my finger nails down his toned body. I could feel him getting excited beneath his trousers as I sucked on his skin. I got off of him and knelt on the floor, so i was the same height as his waist. I unbelted his jeans, undid the zipper and gradually pulled them down to his ankles. He raised his feet so that I could pull them all the way off. I also took his socks off as well, so I could stroke his sensitive feet. He liked that.He was wearing simple plain black boxers and i continued to strip him down so he was fully naked. I was surprised at how quickly he became aroused this time. His huge cock was fully erected and was clearly in need for a good time. I began by teasing him. Gently stroking his balls with my fingertips, sometimes gently squeezing and rubbing. He moaned more and more. I then moved onto stroking his cock with my long fingers. I knew he wanted me to put my whole hand around it but I wasn't going to make this a short night. I stroked the head of his cock, tickling his 'spot' which was located just underneath the head.After teasing him so much that he couldnt take it any longer, I let my whole hand slide around his cock and slowly began to toss him off. I played with his balls with my left hand as he started to really enjoy it. I sped up my work, making him moan. He used his hands to fondle with my breasts, swapping between massaging my whole breast and stimulating my nipples.Small droplets of cum began to leak from his hard cock which meant that he was clearly enjoying this. His eyes were closed and he was too busy in the world of pleasure to notice that i had moved closer between his legs and was inches away from placing my wet lips around his huge cock.I traced my tounge over his balls and that finally caught his attention. I could hear him whispering, "That's it, baby" over and over. I sucked each ball, obviously pleasuring him. He moaned.I looked up at him to see him looking com completely relaxed, clearly enjoying it. I travelled my tounge up his shaft, tickling it with my wet tounge, until i reached the head. I licked around the sides hitting his spot, making him moan even more. I opened my mouth, leant down over his hard cock and lowered my mouth so that it slid perfectly into my mouth. I pleasured him by sucking slightly and licking around with my tounge. He mumbled to me, "faster.." I obeyed and moved my mouth up and down along his shaft, picking up the pace as he moaned harder and harder. I knew he was close to cumming so I prepared myself.I spent about five more minutes, quickly pleasuring him by sucking, licking and kissing his huge cock before I felt the warm liquid hit the roof of my mouth. I could taste the salty fluid dripping inside my mouth. I swallowed the lot and i watched Kuntal's face explode in satisfaction. He loved it when i did that. I cleaned the rest of the cum up with my tounge. I knew Kuntal was watching with a smile on his face. I grinned and winked at him before sitting next to him on the sofa."How was that, baby?" I said to him, stroking his chest with my fingertips again.He was panting and clearly speechless but he managed to say, "Fucking amazing! Thank you so much." He kissed my cheek. I let him recover himself whilst i cleared up the mess that i made with the pancakes. I disposed of the pancakes and put the dishes in the dishwasher before returning to the living room. Kuntal wasn't there. Confused, i called his name. He didnt reply.I walked towards the bedroom, opened the wooden door and looked in the direction of our bed. Kuntal was happily laying upon it, clearly still horny. I smiled, knowing that i was in for a treat now. He patted the space beside him, signalling that he wanted me.I grinned and happily laid beside him. I was still topless, with only my trousers on and Kuntal was only wearing his boxers. Kuntal moved his arm so he could gently squeeze my nipples before sliding his hand down towards my trouser buttons. He moved so that he was sitting at my feet. He undid my button and zip and slowly pulled the jeans down. He took my socks off and massaged my feet. He was amazing at massages. He always managed to find that spot which sent me high with pleasure. I moaned loudly when he found it and he grinned. "You're going to enjoy this.." He said, sexually.He put his soft lips to my foot and began to kiss all the way up my leg. When he reached my thigh, he stopped. He teased me by getting so close to my pussy, sucking slightly, and then retreated back down. He did this to both thighs making my pussy wetter and wetter by the second. He slowly lifted the silk knickers and removed them from my body. He gently opened up my pussy lips and whistled. Confused, i looked at him."Blimey, you're dripping already, babe" I giggled as he stroked up and down my pussy.He placed one long finger inside my pussy and i immediately felt it. His fingers felt so nice when they were deep in my pussy. He went slowly at first, teasing me and making me get wetter before he pulled out. His finger were covered in thick white cum."You like that, don't you.." He said, as he slid his finger back in. I nodded my head as i was physically speechless. "You want more?" He asked and i nodded once again.He added another finger, stretching my pussy wider and wider. He began to get faster and faster, making my whole body move.He used his thumb to stimulate my clit, which felt as if I'd just been electrocuted. The pleasure was too much. I began to scream and moan as he got faster. He added yet another finger, stretching my tight little pussy even wider. After penetrating his long fingers into me for ten minutes, he opened my legs wider. He leant his gorgeous face down and dragged his flat tounge all the way up my pussy, licking up all my cum. He wiggled his tounge all over my sensitive clit, flicking it, causing me so much pleasure. He slid one finger into my wet pussy as he kissed my clit. He began to suck on my clit, pulling it out and suddenly letting go. He then stopped and i wondered what he was doing. I watched as he spat saliva all down my already wet pussy. The warm liquid slid down until it reached my tight ass. It sent tingles up me.He continued to suck, kiss and lick my clit until the feeling of orgasm approached me. I pushed his head harder into my pussy, making his tounge press hard on my clit. I began to scream without control. I could hear Kuntal whispering, "come on baby, you can do it."I couldnt take it anymore but i carried on as i knew i was close.Suddenly, without warning, i squirted warm white fluid out, hitting Kuntal. But he gladly lapped it all up. The feeling was amazing; there are no words to describe it.We laid there for about five minutes, catching our breathe before Kuntal slid his finger back into me. I jumped as his finger caught my G-spot. He knew he had found my spot and he began to tap it harder inside, making me wet once again. My pussy was even more sensitive than before.My eyes were closed with pleasure but i knew that he was about to shove his huge cock into my stretched wet pussy. I felt it slid all the way in, going deeper and deeper."You want it all the way in?" He asked."Fuck me hard." I said, com completely turned on.He obeyed and penetrated me hard from behind. I moved so i was on all fours and he knelt behind me, fucking my cunt so hard. His balls smacked against my pussy as he screwed me. He opened my ass cheeks as far as they would go and began to tickle my tight little ass hole with his delicate tounge. Overwhelmed with pleasure, i began to rub my own clit, adding to the phenomenal pleasure. Kuntal loved when i played with myself."Oh baby, that's it. Play with your juicy clit as i fuck you from behind."I began to scream as Kuntal rammed me harder and harder, making me want to cry with pleasure.But then Kuntal pulled out.He rubbed his huge cock along my pussy, rubbing on my clit, making me squeal with pleasure."You want this up your tight little ass?" He asked me, still teasing me.I nodded, com completely relaxed.He opened my ass cheeks apart again, fingering my tight hole before spanking me hard across my ass. He spanked me until i asked him to fuck me.He shoved his huge cock in my ass and i felt myself stretch.I screamed so loud. He pushed all the way in. He began fucking me up the ass so hard that the bed was shaking from beneath us."Oh yes baby. Fuck me harder. Cum in my tight ass for me. That's it!" I screamed. I didn't care whether the neighbours could hear me.Kuntal obeyed me and within five minutes, i felt the hot fluid squirt inside me. He moaned in satisfaction and then pulled out.The hot liquid dripped out of me, dripping all the way down my wet pussy.We both fell to the bed, com completely knackered. Sex stories making you horny? Videos and pictures of naked girls just not doing it for you? Then try chatting with the XXX sexy cam girls at LiveJasmin cams where you can find sexy local girls and women looking for sex with you. Or visit the sexy NEW live amateur cam girls performing free webcam sex for your pleasure! Fuck lonely wives Find bored at home housewifes looking to flirt, chat and a good fuck while their husbands are working! These ladies are starving for attention. 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