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By Lindsey - May 15, 2008 - From bdsm-stories. BDSM stories - Views - 41087 I was getting ready for tonight when Marnix, my chauffeur, called. ‘Four customers tonight.’ Wow! That’s what I wanted to hear. In 20 minutes, he was driving me over to my first customer. He dropped me in the middle of nowhere at a large estate. I was walking towards the beautiful country house when a maid greeted me and asked me to follow her. I was impressed when she opened the door. Wow! This man’s got style! Everything seemed to match.
She told me to get undressed. I wanted to ask her several things, but she just walked away. I hesitated but took off my clothes. When the maid returned, she gave me a corset, a mini skirt and high heeled sandals. She tightened the corset until it was hard to breathe. I watched myself in the mirror. Wow… I had to follow her again to another room. She opened the door and told me to walk towards the fireplace. I was stunned…
Four men gazed at me! I was surprised, scared but also excited. I opened my mouth to speak. ‘Don’t!’ one man said and I closed my mouth. ‘Lindsey, that’s your name right?’ I was shocked. ‘How do you..’ ‘Silence!’ He said. ‘Just say yes or no!’. I was stunned. ‘yes’, I said. I felt their eyes all over my body. ‘Yes WHAT?’ He said. I doubted. ‘Yes mister?’ The four men started to laugh and I felt stupid. Suddenly it hit me. ‘Yes Master’, I said. He looked me in my eyes, which made me blush. ‘Good to hear you can behave properly’. I lowered my eyes and waited. Man, I was scared! And wet…
‘Kneel!’ a muscular man said. I obeyed at once. He stood up and dropped His pants. A large pulsating cock appeared in front of me. In no time He was fucking my throat until His cum squirted in my gullet. He stopped and a large man took His place. I retched when he shoved His cock merciless deeper into my mouth. I heard the door and in vain I tried to look. I heard footsteps behind me. The new man sat down and I felt His eyes all over me.
The large man started to move faster and grabbed my hair. He pushed my head over his cock and He also squirted His seed in the back of my throat. I retched again. But swallowed. He put his cock behind His zipper and sat down. The man behind me stood up. I felt His hands over my shoulders, my neck. He forced me to stand up by pulling my hair. I wanted to turn around, to take a look at this stranger, but I wasn’t allowed. I felt his hands all over my body. My skin was starting to creep. My breathing heavier when I felt his hands squeezing my breasts. Meanwhile the other men just watched me. The man put a finger in my mouth, deeper and deeper. He lifted my skirt and shoved two fingers inside my wet cunt. I sucked His finger and enjoyed the feeling of His other fingers in my cunt. I moaned when this person bit my neck. The third man stood up and walked towards us. The man behind me lifted me up so that the third man was able to fuck me. Fuck me hard. I felt his rock hard cock pumping inside me.
The grip of the man behind me tightened and I couldn’t go anywhere even if I wanted. The idea of the other three men watching me made me get on edge real fast. The man forced his cock merciless in and out of my wet cunt. Rhythmically he moved his hips forwards and backwards. The man behind me grabbed my breast and squeezed real hard. His nails buried in my skin. That was the last straw. I couldn’t take it anymore and floated away on a heavy orgasm. The man who fucked me thought that was hot I guess, because he started to squirt his cum into my belly. I felt the warmth of his seed filling me which made mee even harder.
Finally my muscles relaxed. And the man withdraws his cock and puts it behind his zipper again. My legs fall down on the ground, but the strong man behind me holds me real tight. I feel a bit dizzy and try to get back to earth. I hear a voice behind me. ‘You did well, my slave’. And I recognize this voice. It was You!! I got up and turned around to face my Master. I looked into Your eyes and saw a small smile around Your lips. But then Your eyes froze. And Your mouth wasn’t that gentle anymore. ‘You didn’t even ask for permission toe!’ You say to me. ‘I’m very disappointed in you.’ I feel ashamed. You were right. ‘But… I didn’t know You were here!’ I try… ‘That doesn’t matter. You already found out you had to address the men with Master! Does that ring a bell?!!’ You say. I feel even more ashamed now. ‘I’m sorry Master, You are right. Of course’. I lower my eyes in shame and wait for Your judgement.
‘You’re going to be punished for your slip up’. I hear You say. I’m afraid and wonder what it’s going to be. ‘Now kneel!’ You say. And I obey. I see You walking towards the other men. You’re discussing something. Me?? I can’t hear which makes me even more scared. Then I have to follow You. We pass two rooms and take the stairs to go up. I see four doors. You guide me to the second one. I have to open it. I see a large bed and enough toys on the walls to start a business. I swallow and walk towards the bed, where You obviously want to have me. You stop and tighten my corset even more now. ‘You should have asked’. I hear You say. Then You push me on the bed. In no time my ankles and wrists were tied to the bed. I see Your eyes searching the wall. I look too. I watch You while You walk towards the wall. Waiting for what You are going to pick. Then the men enter and gather around the bed. They took off their pants and their cocks point at me. You turn around, carrying a whip. ’You start first’ pointing at the oldest man.
I see You hand over the whip to the middle aged man. I see his hair has turned grey a little, but his eyes are like those of a horny teenager. He was muscular and had an enormous dick. I was afraid for what he was going to do to me. He step forwards and looked at me. I felt his cold fingers stroking my skin. My breasts, my belly, my thighs. He stopped and whipped me real hard on my breasts. I screamed. But nobody seemed to care. Again. And again. ‘You should have asked’. I hear You say again. When I look at You, I see nothing but eyes as steel. Then the man stops. He looks at You, and You nod. At that point he jumps between my legs and puts his cock forcefully inside me. He starts to fuck me real hard. It hurts, ah it hurts! But he shows no mercy and keeps fucking his bitch until he fills her up with his seed. Then he withdraws. ‘Good’. I hear You say. ‘You’re next’ pointing at the smallest one. Next?? What?? At least he was small, which was a relief. Until I was the size of his enormous dick.. Ungh… oh my God!!
But that’s not what was going to happen first! The middle aged man handed over the whip to the small man. Not again?! I thought. But yes, again. I felt the man didn’t hold back when the whip touched my flesh. ‘AAAH!’ I screamed. My pussy was still sore and hurt, the pain caused by the whip was killing me, but yet…. I felt moist dripping between my legs. The hard look on Your face made me even more horny. ‘Aaaaah!’ The pain was killing me now. My face was covered with tears when the small man put his enormous cock in my cunt. Forcefully fucking me. I was so wet, just so wet. I felt the size of his dick was tearing my flesh. But I didn’t care. I just wanted to be fucked. Fucked hard. The cum of the other man dripped between my thighs when new seed entered my body. I felt like a sextoy, like an object of desire, just used for the pleasure of others… Cum all over my smoothly shaven pussy. Dripping between my thighs. My own moist also mixed with their juices. I could smell it…
I was exhausted when I heard You say: ‘you are richly filled my slave.’ You untie me, but turn me around so that I lay down on my belly. ‘But not enough.’ I swallow.. What do You mean?? I thought. You tie me back to the bed. ‘Now it’s My turn.’ I heard You say. I felt the whip caressing my skin. Softly. Then You hit me, You hit me hard. Again and again. I put my head in the pillow. To muffle the sound of my screams. I just knew You broke my skin. But I was still longing to be fucked by You, my Master. Finally You stopped and got on the bed. I felt Your cock pressing against my buttocks. Softly caressing my wet cunt and forcing Your dick inside me. All those juices dripping out of me. Your cock covered with moist and seed. You fuck me real hard and I’m about toe. But I can’t!! I can’te without permission again! I don’t even dare to ask. So I hold back. Oh.. But it feels so good!
I start to moan real loud. You withdraw, but go lower and force Your cock in my ass.
Merciless You start to fuck me again. It hurts, argh it hurts! But then You start to move slowly and I feel Your seed squirting inside me. Now I’m truly filled, I thought.. I feel Your nails in my buttocks when Your orgasm reaches its climax. When You withdraw more seed is being mixed with the juices between my thighs. Filled with all that cum, filled by all those men, I feel like a slut. Even more when I realize I even like it. ‘You will never forget to ask for permission again. Do you understand that?!!’ You say. ‘Yes Master!’. You untie me. I turn around and am on my back again. It’s sticky between my legs and I look down to see it. I was surprised by the amount of fluid. I see Your hand reaching between my legs. My clitoris is begging to be touched. And I’m as horny as hell. You start rubbing it. All that seed makes it even more horny. And it doesn’t take long for me to get on edge. ‘Master?’ I ask carefully. You look at me. ‘Master? Am I allowed toe? Please?’ I am terrified for what You are going to say. Instead You force three fingers inside, still watching me. ‘Master?!’ Four. I see You tasting the cocktail between my thighs. I squeeze my buttocks together to escape from the embrace of an incredible orgasm. ‘Master?! Please?!’ Still no answer. I feel Your hand pressing harder now. A bit of pain. But I don’t care. Oh how I wished I could juste! More pressure, more pain. Two men grabbed my arms, the other two my feet. ‘AAAH!’I was filled totally. ‘Nowe!’ You say. Your fist fills me. I feel an enormous pressure inside me. The men tighten their grip what caused a heat in my belly. The orgasm slowly took over my body. I screamed, twisted and arched my back during the most incredible orgasm I ever had. My muscles slowly relaxed. And the pain caused by Your hands increased. Slowly You withdraw. I feel Your tongue licking my clit. And feel lots of sticky fluid between my thighs. Everything is so sensitive. And You know it.
Your tongue caresses my seed covered clit. The men are still holding on to my legs and arms. There’s nowhere to go! Suddenly You touched the most sensitive place and in reflex I tried to close my legs. But I couldn’t. These men were strong! Your tong keeps exploring my wet cunt. The smell of our mixed juices is in the air. I hear You lick and swallow. The taste of all of us is in Your mouth. I feel Your lips enclosing mine. Your tongue buried deep inside me. Sucking me empty… That knowledge gets me so horny! You stop and look at me. I see the shiny moist on Your chin, I watch You licking Your lips. A longing look in my eyes. ‘It tastes good.’ You say. You walk towards me. ‘Taste!’ I open my mouth and taste the cocktail of three men and me… Your finger reaches deep into my throat. I suck it, not spoiling a bit. Then You kiss me. The wetness of Your chin touches my cheek. Then You walk away. To the wall…
The middle aged man grabs my tit, while the small man puts two fingers in my wet cunt. The large man grabs my other tit, his nails pressing into my skin. You turn around. My eyes widen when I see You holding needles in one hand and clips in the other. You walk over to me and kiss me. The men stop touching me after one signal of You. But they keep on holding me tightly. Then You start placing clips on my lips, two on each side. I moan and twist but I can’t escape. It stings but adds to the excitement. The moist and cum cover the clips with a shiny fluid. Then You bent over and touch my breasts. Tender. Stroking my nipples. Lick them and bite them. Aaaah! My nipples firmly point forward. You take a needle. I’m scared but oh so wet. You sting me softly in my flesh, to show me how sharp it is. The clips hurt even more when one man pulls them a little. Then You take my breast. One last kiss on my nipple before You’re going to pierce it.
I moan when I feel the sharp end of the needle against my nipple. You start to push. The pain increases. My skin creeps. I try to get my legs together, but the harder I try, the tighter the men grab me. I watch and see the needle go further and further. It hurts! But the idea of my nipple being pierced excites me. I throw my head backwards and arch my back when some one pushes two fingers inside me. Aaah! I watch the needle again. It’s through! What a feeling! You touch my sensitive nipple, kiss it. And I cry for more when You get the second needle. ‘You’ve got two nipples’. I hear You say.
The second one seems to go easier. In no time my nipple was pierced. Two small pins pointing out of both sides of each nipple. Beautiful.. The men let go of me and after a signal from You three men leave the room. The muscular man stays. I have to get up. A strange stinging feeling in my nipples. I have to follow You to another room. I’m stunned! What I see is a large fucking machine!
Your hand in my neck tells me to walk forward. I feel the weight of the clips tearing the flesh of my lips. I have to stop in front of the machine. It’s huge and scary. In vain I try to find out how it works. Suddenly You touch my nipple again. Aaa! On the other side of the room there was a table. I had to lie down spread legs. Slowly You remove the clips. The pain gets worse when they’re gone. You kiss it better and start to lick te new moist and the cum that started to drip between my thighs again. ‘Sit up straight’. You say. I obey. It hurts a little. ‘My slave. Let me introduce You to Mr. J’. I nod and lower my head to this no longer unknown man. ‘Stand up!’ You say. I follow You to the fuckingmachine. ‘Now. Sit down on this seat and lie down. Your back will be arched by the shape of the seat’. I follow Your instructions. What a strange position! ‘Now spread Your legs!’ Youmand. I obey. You tie them immediately to the machine. I swallow. ‘Now Your arms!’. In no time I’m helpless.
You adjust the machine so that every cock is placed in front of a hole. My mouth, my pussy and my ass. You pull out the needles and replace them by rings. You push two ropes through the rings and tie them to a ring above me. Mr. J. sits down on a large chair in the corner. You check everything once more and push the button. Slowly I feel a large cock pressing against my pussy, while a thinner one forces itself into my ass. My mouth is being filled by a black flexible cock. I moan with pleasure when the vaginal cock starts to penetrate me. The cum and moist drip between my thighs and slide down on my ass. Which works as a natural moisturizer. My ass is being fucked now too. The rope tears my nipples. In the corner of my eye I see two spectators. My Master and Mr. J.
It seems like the machine is fucking me more brutal now. I guess every cock is being controlled separately, because the one in my cunt is fucking me harder then the one in my mouth and anus. Merciless. Well. What’s merciless? A machine can’t think! But its owner can… And You show no mercy when You press another button which causes a terrible pain in both of my nipples. I see how the ropes are being pulled upwards. Another button. It’s fucking me deep! Hard! I moan and tremble when I feel an orgasming up. Oh my God! I can’t ask for permission!!!
I twist and moan, but there is nowhere to go. I’m helpless! Fully helpless. I feel my own nails pressing in my palms when I’m getting on edge. I look at You. And beg You toe. The only instrument I have to contact You are my eyes. Begging eyes, longing eyes. I see a small smile on Your face. I think You understand me. But You don’t say anything! Please Master!! Please I beg You! Is what I say in my mind. You stand up and walk towards me. ‘Keep Your eyes open!’ I hear You say. ‘Then You are allowed toe!’ I try to nod, but I can’t. Within seconds I gave in to a great orgasm. I gazed into Your eyes when my muscles contracted and my nails were being pressed in my palms even harder. My scream was being silenced by the cock in my mouth. My entire body was shaking when finally my orgasm died.
The machine stops. My ass hurts and my jaws feel strange. My pussy is sore. I’m feeling a bit dizzy and fall in Your arms. ‘I’m proud of You my slave’ You say and then I collapse. I wake up in my Masters arms on a large bed in another room. Mr. J. is still there. You kiss me and stroke my breast. Mr. J strokes the other one. I’m lying on a bed between two men. At this realization I feel I’m getting wet again.
‘Feel what you’ve done to us’. You say. I place one hand on each cock. Feeling You both have a hard on. Even though my pussy felt sore I longed for a fuck again, feeling those two rock hard cocks. I wanted to feel them inside me. ‘Get on all fours!’ You say. Without hesitating I get up, turn around and drop myself on all fours. My buttocks pointing at my Master and Mr. J. Available. I hope You are going to fuck me. Instead I hear You say. ‘She’s all Yours!’ Ungh.. I remember His large cock when I sucked him earlier this day. I feel his hands tightly around my hips and a little scream escapes from my throat when his large penis fills me up. I look at You. You’re sitting. Enjoying the show, while Your whore is being fucked.
Suddenly You stand up and unzip Your trousers. I see Your rock hard cock pointing in the air. I’m longing for it. I want it… But You don’t walk to me! I turn my head so that I can see. I see Mr. J open his mouth and Your cock disappearing in it! That sight was so horny, I felt my moist dripping between my thighs. I heard both of You moan, with pleasure. I couldn’t help myself and started rubbing my clit. I looked again. Man that was horny!! He took it all! Then I saw his tongue circling around Your glans, spit and moist mixed. He still fucked me while he opened His mouth to take Your entire cock into his mouth.

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