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Sex Zombies Part 5

Sex Zombies Part 5

By Norm DePloom - Nov 20, 2004 - From erotic- stories. Erotic Stories - Views - 2071 Watch live men and women 100% FREE on Home Adult Webcams If you don't like sex stories, don't read it. If you don't like stories bout forced sex, don't read it.If you are below the arbitrary age set for your area, don't read it.If for any reason it is illegal for you to read this story, don't read it. All the characters and events in this story are fictional; any resemblance to real people or events is entirely coincidental. Sex ZombiesPart 05 ByNorm DePloom Debbie was surprised when she saw the clothes spread out on the bed. She had expected something along the lines of a French Maids costume with exposed nipples and uncovered pubic hair. The underwear was certainly sexy enough, what there was of it; Debbie examined the garter belt and black stockings. That and a threepiece men's suit were all that she found on the bed. She found the slacks, the vest, the jacket and even a tie but no shirt. Feeling the beginnings of panic growing in her mind, Debbie wasted no time fastening the garter belt low on her naked hips then, setting on the edge of the bed, Debbie pulled the expensive black silk stockings up her well muscled legs and fastened them to the garter belt. Working rapidly with hands already beginning to tremble with anxiety Debbie pulled the trousers up her legs and buttoned then zipped them up. Not having a shirt Debbie next tied the tie around her bare neck as best she could with her limited knowledge of tie tying, her trembling hands and the panic growing in her mind. The tie hung down between her naked, hard-nippled breasts. Her panic getting the best of her, Debbie pulled on the vest and buttoned it as she dashed from the bedroom with the suit coat draped over her arm. Heading back to the living room, she pulled the suit jacket up her arms to com complete her ensemble then stopped dead in her tracks, just inside the living room door, and looked at the cameras and lights. Then she smiled, suddenly performing sex acts in front of a camera seemed like a really great idea. "Sit down next to Mattie, " Dan instructed. Debbie did as she was told, then looked over at her sister. Mattie was once again moving her hips grinding her puffy swollen cunt lips against the rough material covering the couch seat cushion. "Doesn't that hurt?" Debbie asked. "Yes, " Mattie replied with tears streaming down her cheeks, "it hurts." "Then why are you doing it?" "Because I have to, " was Mattie's only reply. After making the final adjustments to the lights and cameras Dan sat down on the edge of the coffee table facing his two slaves. He placed one hand on Mattie's knee and the other on Debbie's. "We, " he addressed them both, "are going to make our first amateur fuck film." Dan smiled at the sisters and squeezed their knees. Debbie smiled back while Mattie blushed and looked worried. One of her unbreakable rules had always been 'no pictures'. She had always had a phobia about allowing anyone to take pictures of her engaged in any kind of sexual activity, or even when she was dressed (or undressed) in a provocative manner. Several times when they had been married Dan had tried to convince her to allow him to take nude pictures of her. When they got divorced Mattie had been immensely relieved that she did not have to deal with an ex-husband who had pictures of her naked that he could spread all over the town, not to mention the Internet. Mattie knew, without being told that this would be just the first of many films featuring her getting fucked by many different people. "Please, no." She whispered, knowing without even looking that her slut of a younger sister was getting incredibly turned on by the idea. "You going to fuck us for the camera?" Debbie asked thrusting out her barely covered hard-nippled breasts. Mattie noticed that this drug seemed to have released Debbie from all restraint, allowing her to be an even sluttier whore than she had been when they were growing up. "No, " Dan replied, "you are going to fuck your uptight, repressed older sister and I'm going to film it." "All right, " Debbie said enthusiastically as she turned on the couch, scooted closer to her sister and put her right arm over Mattie's shoulders, "Gimme a kiss." She finished then made 'smoochy' noises with her pursed lips. "Go away, " Mattie responded, pushing at her sister. "Good, " Dan instructed his ex-wife and ex-sister-inlaw enthusiastically, "Mattie I want you to be reluctant at first while Debbie forces herself on you." Dan released their knees and, moving around to the other side of the table, started the three cameras running. While he made fine adjustments to the positions of the lights, Dan watched Debbie pulling her resisting sister closer and pushing her lips against Mattie's tightly closed mouth. Debbie cupped her sister's breast over here blouse and flicked her thumb up and down over Mattie's nipple. "Mattie, " Dan instructed as he sat in his chair and slowly stroked his hardening cock through his trousers, "you're starting to get turned on, but you still resist. Debbie, unbutton her blouse and really force your tongue into her mouth, rape her mouth with your hard tongue." Debbie raised herself up so she seemed to tower over her older sister and, holding her tongue stiff, forced it between Mattie's lips while she pulled at the buttons of Mattie's blouse popping some of them from the material in her eagerness to get her undressed. "Yes, " Dan whispered, his voice becoming horse with lust, "rip her blouse off to get at her tits. Nothing is going to stop you from fucking your sister." Following his instructions Debbie tore the remaining buttons from Mattie's blouse and pulled roughly at Mattie's lacy bra while she thrust her tongue deeply into her sister's mouth. "As soon as you get her bra open, and don't be afraid to tear it, " Dan continued his directions, surprising himself with the level of lust the scene was generating in his body, "push it and the blouse aside and start sucking on Mattie's nipples." He watched as Debbie followed his directions. "Suck on it hard, " he added as Debbie's mouth closed on Mattie's newly exposed right nipple, "suck on it real hard. Mattie, your really getting turned on now, you secretly love being forced, lean your head back an let us hear you moan with excitement." Dan's cock twitched in his trousers when he heard his ex-wife's lust drenched moan. While she sucked on her sister's nipple Debbie pushed her hand under Mattie's skirt, running her fingers along the hot skin of her sister's thigh as she moved closer to the waiting pussy. Mattie's legs moved further apart, inviting her sister's unwanted attentions. "Pull up your skirt." Dan ordered, speaking to Mattie. "Let us see Debbie's fingers sinking into your hot wet cunt." Debbie continued to suck on Mattie's nipple, adjusting her head as Mattie lifted her butt up from the couch and pulled her skirt up around her waist, baring her crotch for her ex-husband and his cameras. "Spread your legs wide." Dan whispered pulling his cock from his pants. "You're really getting turned on now, hold Debbie's head against your breast, and fuck yourself on her hand." Following her ex-husband's directions Mattie held her younger sister's head with both hands, keeping Debbie's mouth pushed against her hard nipple, while she moved her hips in circles pushing her cunt further onto her sister's invading fingers with increasing enthusiasm. "Pull your head free from your sister, " Dan instructed his new slave, "and slip down onto your knees between her legs." Dan slowly stroked his hard cock as he leaned forward for a better view. "Spread Mattie's legs and lick her cunt." Debbie spread her older sister's knees and leaned forward. "Mattie, scoot you ass forward on the couch then hold your pussy open with booth hands." After moving her butt to the edge of the couch Mattie ran her hands down over her trembling stomach then pushed them down to her crotch where she used her fingers to pull herself open. Debbie lowered her head to her sister's waiting cunt. Dan crouched over the two women, leaning forward as far as he could without getting in the frame and stroked his cock while he watched Debbie's tongue snaking around the folds of Mattie's cunt. When he could stand it no longer Dan tapped on Debbie's shoulder and, when she looked up from her sister's crotch, leaned into the frame and pushed his hard pulsing cock in her face. Debbie turned the top half of her body to the right towards Dan then, leaving her left hand resting on Mattie's open thigh, grasped the base of the offered cock with her right hand and enveloped the rampant morsel with her wet willing mouth. Dan moaned loudly and stared into his ex-wife's hate filled eyes, as his cock slipped over his ex-sister-in-law's tongue and into her throat. As Mattie watched her ex-husband's cock disappearing into her younger sister's mouth she could feel her mind twisting to conform to the directives Dan had given her. How could he, she thought, her face taking on the aspect of an exaggerated pout, stick his wonderful cock into that little slut's filthy mouth. "Please, " Mattie begged softly, "please let me cum." The desperate need in Mattie's voice pushed Dan over the top and, grabbing Debbie's head with both hands, he pushed himself into her until her nose was held firmly in his pubic hair then pumped his cum down her experienced throat while he watched Mattie writhe on the couch in ever increasing sexual frustration. "Back to work, " Dan said, after draining the last of his cum into Debbie, then waiting for his cock to start softening inside her mouth. Debbie grinned up at Dan then, with a trail of his slime still oozing from the corner of her mouth, lowered her head back into her sister's crotch. Dan pushed his cock back inside his trousers and, after zipping his fly, sat back down in the chair to enjoy the show he was filming. Mattie moaned more in frustration than in excitement and rocked her head back and forth on the couch in time with her hips humping her aching cunt against Debbie's eagerly licking mouth. Dan slipped his shoe and sock off his right foot then, scooting down in his chair and extending his leg, he pushed his bare foot between Debbie's thighs. Debbie spread her legs and began to enthusiastically hump herself against Dan's foot. Dan could feel the heat radiating from her cunt even through the trousers she wore and could hear her moan in spite of her face being buried in her sister's pussy. "Debbie, stop what you are doing long enough to help Mattie take of her clothes." Debbie immediately raised her head from her sister's crotch and began pulling at Mattie's jacket and blouse. "Everything except her garter and hose." Dan clarified as Mattie's clothes were stripped from her body. Debbie leaned back, pushing her cunt harder against the top of Dan's foot while Mattie stood up so her skirt could be pulled down her legs. Setting back down Mattie raised her legs. Debbie pulled the skirt from Mattie's ankles and tossed it aside then pushed Mattie's legs apart and lowered her head back into her sister's hot wet crotch. Dan sat back to watch the scene for a few minutes. "Debbie, stand up and let Mattie take your clothes off you." Dan instructed after enjoying the sight of his naked ex-wife being eaten by her younger sister. Debbie, with obvious reluctance, pulled her face from her sister's cunt and stopped grinding her pussy on Dan's foot then stood up. Mattie sat up straight on the couch then, pulling Debbie's jacket from her sister's shoulders, let it slip down her arms and drop to the floor. Next she unbuttoned the vest, which barely covered Debbie's breasts, and let it join the jacket. "Suck on your sister's nipples while you take her trousers off." Dan ordered as he removed one of the cameras from its tripod and used it for a hand held extreme close up of Mattie's lips closing on Debbie's hard crinkled right nipple. Dan recorded a good segment of Mattie sucking on Debbie's nipple before he paned down to capture the action of Mattie's fingers as they loosened Debbie's belt then unbuttoned and unzipped her sister's trousers. He moved in even closer to catch Debbie's bush as the slowly lowering slacks brought it into view. "Now, " he instructed as he pulled back with the camera to capture more of the scene, "kiss your way down Debbie's stomach to her pubs. Show the camera how hot you are for your sister." Dan continued to talk as he recorded Mattie's tongue moving in small circles through Debbie's bush. "You won't be allowed to cum unless you show us how much this turns you on." Debbie placed her hands on Mattie's shoulders, leaned her head back and moaned softly. Mattie massaged her sister's butt cheeks with both hands as she moaned even more loudly than Debbie, and snaked her tongue through the pubic bush in front of her. "Mattie, lean back, spread your legs as wide as you can and use your fingers to spread your cunt wide open." As Mattie obeyed these commands Dan moved close to her crotch framing her wet pussy as Mattie's fingers pulled the swollen lips apart revealing her glistening hole for the camera. "Hold your cunt open with one hand, " Dan instructed, "and push two fingers into yourself with the other hand." Dan adjusted the focus slightly to insure a sharp image. "Nice and slow. That's good, real slow in and out, in and out. Debbie, " Dan spoke to his ex-sister-in-law without taking his attention away from his ex-wife's fingers fucking slowly in and out of her inflamed pussy, "step out of those slacks and kneel down here again." Debbie stepped out of her trousers and eagerly knelt between her sister's thighs once again. "Lay your cheek down on Mattie's left thigh so I can tape you watching her fingers fucking in and out. While your watching caress her cunt lips around her fingers. Yes, that's it, you're doing it just right." "Mattie, you know you're not allowed to cum yet, but I want you to pretend like you're cuming." Dan framed the picture carefully capturing Debbie caressing Mattie's cunt lips while she watched, from less than two inches away, as her sister fucked two fingers in and out of her red swollen pussy. Dan zoomed out and panned back to tape Mattie's entire body as she began to moan and groan her way through a hip thrusting fake orgasm that looked quit convincing on the camera monitor. "Debbie, grab your sister's butt plug and move it around inside her ass. Mattie, fuck yourself even harder with your right hand and pull on your clitoris with your left hand. That's good, pull even harder, and really stretch it out while you pretend to cum even harder." Even though he had just dumped a load of cum down Debbie's willing throat Dan's cock was getting hard again watching the 'Slut Sisters' perform for the camera. "Damn, " Dan yelled when the phone rang, "I should have turned that off. You two stop what you are doing." Dan turned off his hand-held video camera, but let the other two continue to run as he walked to the phone. Mattie's 'orgasm' stopped in mid-moan, her fingers came to a halt fully engulfed in her cunt and her clitoris stretched almost painfully. Debbie stayed where she was her hand grasping the butt plug protruding from her sister's ass and her eyes fixed with genuine interest on Mattie's pussy. "Hello, " Dan answered the phone with ill-hid irritation, "oh, it's you." Dan noticed that his exwife' s hips continued to move in slow circles unconsciously expressing her, by now, probably painful need for relief from the ever-escalating sexual excitement. "You've been warned about calling here...yea, yea, if you keep this up Mattie will get a restraining order. Hey Debbie, " Dan yelled at his exsister -in-law, "come over here." Debbie abandoned her sister's butt plug and, after standing up walked across the room to her new master. "Here, " Dan said holding out the phone for her to take, "tell this pencil-dicked looser what we're doing right now." "Hi, Frank." Dan noticed that Debbie did not have to be told who the 'pencil-decked looser' was. Pulling Debbie after him Dan sat in the chair then, after pulling Debbie into his lap roughly massaged her breasts, sucked forcefully on her nipples and pushed fingers into her cunt while she explained in great detail how she and Mattie were making a movie. "When you called, " Debbie talked as she spread her legs welcoming Dan's invading fingers, "you interrupted Mattie pretending to have an orgasm...Dan wont let her...not until after we make the movie..." "Keep him talking." Dan whispered slipping out from under Debbie's naked body and stepping over to his exwife. "...I was down on my knees playing with her butt plug while she fucked herself and tugged on her clitoris, god I thought she was going to pull it off..." As Debbie talked she could see tears streaming down Mattie's face as Dan spoke to her in a low earnest tone. "...what? You want to talk to Mattie?" Dan turned to face Debbie. "Give her the phone, " he ordered setting down on the couch next to his ex-wife, "then sit down on the other side of her." "Hello Frank." Mattie said into the phone in a cold monotone as her sister and ex-husband began to play with her body. "No you can't come over here." Debbie could feel her sister's hot tears dripping on her cheek as she sucked on Mattie's left nipple while Mattie talked to Frank on the phone. "No, Frank, I'm going to stay with Dan, he's my husband, I never should have left him." Debbie's head bumped into Dan's as they both sucked on Mattie's nipples and she could feel his slippery fingers sliding against hers as they both pushed fingers into Mattie's cunt. "No, I have to stay with Dan." Debbie heard her sister continue as a tear landed on her lips giving her sister's hard nipple a salty taste. "You can come by Wednesday morning to pick up your stuff...yes I'll be here alone...bye." Mattie let the phone drop from her hand. "Please, " she begged her ex-husband in a desperate whisper, "please let me cum." Debbie could feel heat radiating from every inch of her sister's over stimulated lust-crazed body. "If you don't let me cum I'm going to die." Mattie sobbed as she rocked her hips, fucking herself on her sister's and her exhusband' s fingers. "Please." The tone of her sister's voice as she begged for sexual release broke Debbie's heart. "Let her cum." Debbie pleaded on her sister's behalf. "Stand in front of Mattie." Dan instructed Debbie as he pulled his fingers from Mattie's hot slimy cunt. Dan picked up the phone from where Mattie had dropped it and, noticing that the connection indicator light was still on, he placed the phone on the arm of the couch where Frank, who Dan was sure was still listening, could hear the love of his life moan pitifully and beg her ex-husband to allow her to have an orgasm. Dan put the camera back on its tripod then, retrieving a plain brown bag from the floor beside his chair, produced the strap-on that Mattie had been forced to buy. "Put this on your sister, " Dan said handing the strapon to Mattie, "and I'll let you cum while she's fucking you." Mattie grabbed the device from her exhusband and, with trembling hands, fastened the straps around Debbie's hips and between her legs. "Now suck on it, " Dan added once his ex-sister-in-law was outfitted with her new rubber cock, "suck on it just like you would a real cock." Dan and Debbie both watched as Mattie grasped the base of her sister's new rubber cock with her left hand and, opening her mouth leaned forward to take its head between her lips. "Grab some hair, " Dan instructed Debbie, "and fuck her mouth." Mattie released her grip on the base of the plastic cock and held onto her sister's thighs while Debbie entwined her fingers in Mattie's hair and pushed her strap on deep into Mattie's throat. "You've had your mouth fucked before, " Dan continued, "just pretend you're a man and teach your bitch sister a lesson she'll never forget." Debbie grabbed her sister's head with both hands and began jerking her hips; pistoning the rubber cock deep into Mattie's gagging throat. "That's it, " Dan encouraged his ex-sister- in-law, "fuck that bitch's mouth hard." Dan watched the rubber cock drilling deep into his ex-wife's throat while a string of drool hung from her slack lips onto her heaving breasts. "Now, " Dan continued after watching the dildo rape of Mattie's mouth for several minutes, "push her back on the couch, force her legs apart as far as you can and slam that weapon into her." Debbie, who was obviously getting really turned on sexually abusing her sister, forced Mattie back against the couch then, after dropping to her knees, pushed her victim's legs up and apart, not stopping until Mattie cried out in pain. "When that cock slams into you, " Dan said to his exwife, "you will cum, and cum hard." Debbie moved her hips away from her sister's crotch then, bringing her hips forward with all the force she could bring to the task, slammed the rubber cock into Mattie's red, swollen, abused cunt with enough fore to move the whole couch, slamming it into the wall and making Mattie's whole body jerk back against the couch cushions. "Oh god." Mattie screamed as her head banged backward from the force of her sister's thrust. "Oh god." Mattie screamed out her orgasmic release over and over with each brutal, body pounding thrust of her sister's strap-on dildo. The device strapped onto Debbie's crotch was designed to stimulate the wearer as well as the one it was being used to fuck. Its effectiveness was apparent in Debbie's expression. Without slowing down, or diminishing the force of her fucking Debbie looked over at her ex-brother-in-law, silently pleading with him for permission to join her sister in orgasmic ecstasy. Dan mouthed the word 'no', and Debbie turned back to her assigned task. In spite of his having, just moments before, spilled a load of cum down Debbie's throat, the sight, and sound, of his ex-wife in the throws of a muscle cramping orgasm, brought on by her forced lesbian incest, brought the blood rushing back into his dick. Dan gently stroked his once again re-hardened cock as he watched his ex-wife being savagely and unmercifully fucked by her sister. "Make her pay for every mean thing she ever did to you while you were growing up." Dan said encouraging Debbie to even greater cunt pounding efforts. "The better you fuck Mattie now, the better your orgasm will be when I let you have one." Leaning back in his chair Dan stretched his legs and massaged his crotch while he watched his slaves fucking with wild abandon. "Debbie, " he said after a few minutes watching the two sweat soaked, chest heaving women slamming their crotches against each other, "you're a cock hungry slut whose been fucked by every male in this town. You know what a man does when he cums. Slam your cock into that bitch sister of yours and act just like men do when they fill your over-used cunt with their sperm." "Take my cum, bitch." Debbie screamed as she slammed her rubber cock into her sister's abused cunt one last time and held it there while her butt muscles clenched and unclenched in a convincing imitation of a man ejaculating. "Now, " Dan instructed, "pull out and turn to face the camera. Mattie, stop cuming." Mattie's loud, almost violent, orgasm stopped like a switch had been thrown. The orgasm was immediately replaced with tears and gut wrenching sobs. "Stay just as you are, keep your legs spread just as wide as you can." While his ex-sisterin -law pulled the dildo from Mattie's gapping pussy, stood up, and turned to face the center camera, Dan pulled one of the other cameras from its tripod. "Play with your slimy cock and put on a show for the camera." Dan told her. Then, while Debbie stroked the dildo and brandished her 'weapon' at the camera in front of her, Dan concentrated on recording the sobbing form of his ex-wife. Starting with her tearstreaked face Dan panned the camera slowly down her body. After pausing momentarily on her heaving breasts, Dan panned further down. Moving slowly past her trembling stomach, Dan moved the camera in for an extreme close up of Mattie's red, swollen, much abused and just fucked pussy. Her enlarged cunt lips hung open allowing the camera to peer straight down into the slimy depths of her vaginal chamber. As he filmed, Mattie's cunt hole slowly closed from the bottom up until only the swollen lips could be seen on the small screen protruding from the side of the camera. "O.K." Dan said, setting the camera down on the coffee table, "Mattie, sit up, " as Mattie closed her legs and sat up Dan caught site of the phone still resting on the arm of the couch. The connect light was still glowing brightly when Dan picked it up. "Did that get you off, Frank?" The only answer was a disconnecting click followed by a dead line. "Set on the couch beside each other." Dan laughed, then tossed the phone aside. "There's only one thing left on today's agenda, " Dan said as he sat on the coffee table facing the two naked women, "and that's Mattie's nightly punishment." Mattie's tears continued to flow with renewed volume. Debbie looked at her new master with a combination of worshipful awe and curiosity. "The last thing we will do every night, " Dan said, directing his comment to his ex-sister-in-law, "is administer punishment to Mattie." Dan turned his attention to his ex-wife. "Tell your sister why you're being punished." "I'm being punished for not honoring my master properly while we were married. I'm being punished for not being available to fuck whenever, wherever and however my master pleased." Mattie began her recitation with the voice of a person who has reciting memorized words that they did not really understand. "I'm being punished for divorcing my master." As Mattie recited the reasons for her ongoing punishment Debbie watched Mattie's tear streaked face and nodded her head in affirmation of each point recited. "I'm being punished for allowing other men to fuck my cunt, which properly belongs only to my ex-husband and master to use, abuse and do with as he pleases." Deep inside the body, which no longer obeyed her, Mattie listened to herself reciting the litany of reasons for her punishment with growing rage. The rage increased her sexual excitement so that, in spite of just having had a very long and massively intense orgasm, Mattie's hips began making fucking motions as she talked. Her vacation from the painfully intense sexual excitement was over only a couple of minutes after it started. "I'm being punished, " Mattie continued her recitation, "for taking other men's cocks into my mouth and swallowing their cum without my master's permission. I'm being punished for letting other men suck on my nipples without my master's permission." Debbie, still worn out by their just finished fuck session, watched with amazement as her sister's hips jerked with increasingly more forceful fucking motions. Dan held up his hand and stopped what Debbie thought threatened to be an endless recitation of offenses. "How were you punished last night?" Dan asked. "I was beaten then had my ass raped." Mattie replied with a sob. "Go into the bedroom, " Dan instructed his ex-wife, "put on your ball gag, assume the same position on the bed then wait, without moving until we come in to administer your punishment." Mattie, her body trembling so violently that she appeared to be on the verge of having a convulsion, side stepped between Debbie and Dan's knees then walked slowly from the room in the direction of what had been her parent's bedroom. One great sob was heard from the direction of the hallway as the drug induced separation anxiety crashed down on Mattie, then silence as she fought to keep herself under control. Dan sat for a minute, looking at his naked ex-sister-in- law who was still wearing the strap on rubber cock. Standing up Dan extended his hand to Debbie and, when she grasped it, he pulled her to her feet. Still holding her hand Dan sat down in his favorite chair and pulled her down onto his lap. Debbie put her arms around Dan's neck. She moaned loudly in his ear when he grasped her right breast with his right hand then, while squeezing the breast firmly, lowered his head and sucked hungrily on her nipple. Dan enjoyed the feel of his ex-sister-inlaw' s nipple hardening in his mouth. Releasing Debbie's nipple, Dan blew on it gently causing it to crinkle even more as he slipped his hand down over her heaving abdomen. As he lowered his mouth once more onto her hard, crinkled knot of nipple-flesh Dan grasped the rubber cock still protruding from her crotch and, pushing it down firmly against her cunt, began to move it back and forth over her clitoris while he raked her sensitive nipple with his teeth. "You really enjoyed fucking your sister with this thing, " Dan commented, temporarily abandoning the hard nipple, which had been holding his attention, "didn't you?" "Yes, " Debbie moaned, her mouth only an inch from Dan's ear, "I really loved fucking her with my new dick." Dan unhooked the straps then, turning the rubber cock around, pushed the head against Debbie's wet cunt lips. "Yes, " Debbie hissed in Dan's ear as she spread her legs, making herself more available for her exbrother -in- law's attentions, "oh, yes." Returning his mouth to Debbie's still hard nipple Dan gently bit the morsel while he pushed the dildo, still covered with her sister's drying cunt secretions, deep into Debbie's eager pussy. It slipped easily into her, not stopping until the protrusion on the side pressed firmly against her clitoris. While Debbie clung to his neck with both arms Dan rocked the clit stimulator protruding from the side of the dildo against her clitoris with ever increasing force. Matching his actions with the clit stimulator, Dan bit with increasing force on the nipple in his mouth. "Please, " Debbie began begging over and over as her hips moved in spasmodic jerks forcing her clitoris against the stimulator with ever greater force, "please let me come, oh god, please let me come." Dan released her nipple and watched with fascination as his teeth marks began to disappear. "Hold still." He ordered. Debbie whimpered piteously, but stopped thrusting herself on the rubber cock. Once she was lying still in his lap Dan began moving the dildo in and out of Debbie, fucking her wet cunt with long, slow strokes that always stopped just short of allowing the stimulator to touch her clitoris. "I'm going to ask you some questions, " Dan spoke softly as he continued fucking her with long, deep strokes of the dildo, "and you must answer them with absolute honesty." "Of course." Debbie replied staring intently into her ex-brother-in-law's eyes. Although she was doing her best to follow his orders, Debbie's body trembled with building sexual tension; a tension that could be heard in her voice. "How many men have fucked you?" "Thirty-two." Debbie answered immediately without even the briefest of hesitations. "And you know it's that number, exactly?" Dan continued the slow movement of the rubber cock in and out of Debbie's wet cunt while he questioned her. "Yes, " Debbie answered with a slight hitch in her voice caused by Dan's carelessly pushing the dildo a little too deep, allowing the clit stimulator to brush against her throbbing, overly sensitive clitoris, "I've got a diary I started the day after the first time I fingered myself." "Yes?" Dan encouraged her to continue. "I have written in it a description of every sex act I've ever participated in." "You will turn that diary over to me." "Of course." Debbie answered as Dan continued his slow, almost torturous, fucking of her cunt while he thought over the pecuniary possibilities inherent in a young teenage girl's journal of sexual discovery and exploration. "Have you ever fucked with more than one person at a time?" "No." She answered apologetically. Dan looked at his new slave with obvious doubt. "I thought you were supposed to be the slutty little sister." "That was more reputation than actual fact." Debbie answered even more apologetically. It seemed to Dave that she was afraid that he might be disappointed by her not being enough of a slut. "Ever been fucked in the ass?" "Only a couple of times." Again Debbie spoke with a tone of apology. "Didn't you like it?" "Not really." Debbie answered. "I mean, " she continued, her body trembling more and more as she suppressed her natural inclination to hump herself on the slowly moving rubber cock, "it felt OK, but having a cock in my ass just never felt as good as having it in my cunt." "I guarantee, " Dan chuckled, "that not only are you going to start liking it, you're going to crave it like an addict craves his drugs." "I'll love anything you say, " Debbie said, breathing heavily, "if you'll just let me cum." "No, " Dan answered with a malicious smile, "you'll love whatever I tell you to love. Even if I never let you cum again for the rest of your life." Debbie moaned loudly as she clung to her ex-brother-in-law's neck. Her body ached with her need for an orgasm. "Oh god, please." She begged softly. Dan pushed the rubber cock com completely into her and held it there. "Hold still." He ordered. "Don't move at all." Holding the rubber cock buried com completely inside Debbie's cunt, with the clit stimulator pushed firmly against her tender engorged clitoris, Dan could feel the uncontrollable spasming of his ex-sister-in-law's pussy. "Just concentrate on your cunt, " Dan said as he continued holding the dildo deep inside her, "don't think of anything but the feel of your pussy with the cock inside it." Dan watched his new slave writhe in his lap, unable to stop the movement, as she whimpered and begged for release from the building sexual tension. Debbie almost screamed in frustration several minutes later as her master pulled the rubber cock from her clinging cunt with agonizing slowness. "Now, " Dan announced as he set the dildo aside, "a demonstration of my power over you." Debbie, her chest heaving with unrequited lust, looked into his face worshipfully. "Until I tell you otherwise your clitoris will be your cum button." Dan smiled down at his new fuck toy. "When I touch your clit you will start cuming, " Dan continued his instruction, "you will continue to cum as long as I'm touching your clitoris. When I take my finger off your clit you will stop cuming until I touch it again." Having finished his instructions Dan, using the thumb and second finger of his right hand, gently spread Debbie's cunt lips and pushed his forefinger into her hot, wet, slimy hole. Being careful not to touch her red, enlarged clitoris Dan finished pushing his finger into Debbie then let her pussy lips close around his digit. After spending some time further torturing Debbie by gently moving his finger inside her cunt, Dan, keeping his finger buried com completely inside her, moved his hand until his thumb hovered over her tender throbbing clitoris. "Oh god, please, " she begged. Never in her life could Debbie remember having to beg a man to let her cum. Debbie sucked in air then held her breath as Dan's thumb moved toward her 'cum button' with agonizing slowness. "Oh my god, yes!" Debbie screamed when Dan's thumb finally touched her aching clitoris. Debbie's entire body went stiff and her cunt clamped down on Dan's finger, while her hips jerking so violently that Dan thought she might actually break it. "No, oh dear god no!" Debbie sobbed when Dan pulled his thumb off her 'cum button' after only few seconds. Up until this instant Debbie had experienced orgasms only as a process, a process that, once started, continued to its inevitable end. Over the years she had fucked many men who, with cock or tongue, were competent in bringing her to orgasm. She had been bringing herself off on an almost daily basis since she first discovered she could. Never had she experienced an orgasm stopping after it had started. Never, in all her experience had she met a man who could exercise such control over her body. Slowly her body relaxed, all except the muscles of her pussy, which continued to grasp the finger buried inside her. Without warning the thumb once again touched her 'cum button'. "!" Debbie screamed again as wave after wave of orgasmic muscle spasm caused her body to undulate in Dan's lap. Her hips jerked as she, without any conscious control, fucked herself on her master's finger. "Oh god... oh god... oh god..." she chanted with each thrust. Time and space melted away, as Debbie seemed to be lost in a universe of non-stop orgasms. Keeping her left arm around Dan's neck for support, Debbie let her left hand slide down Dan's right arm until it came to rest on his wrist, just above the finger she was fucking herself on and the thumb that stayed firmly pressed on her clitoris, keeping her in unending orgasm. "Please, stop." She begged even more desperately, than she had begged only a few seconds earlier for the orgasm to re-start. "Please, " Debbie begged while every muscle in her body cramped with orgasmic spasms, and her breath came in shallow gasps. Still Dan held his thumb on her clitoris as he watched her eyes roll up into her head, leaving only the whites showing. The world spun or, more accurately, Debbie felt like she was spinning around the finger that had become the center of her universe. It seemed like an eternity since she had taken a breath of air into her lungs. Until this demonstration Debbie would never have believed how quickly an orgasm could turn from the ultimate pleasure to total torture. "Please..." she begged, barely a whisper coming from a woman on the verge of passing out. When Dan finally removed his thumb from Debbie's clitoris, her body slowly relaxed to the point of going totally limp. Her eyelids fluttered and as Debbie slowly swam back toward the surface of consciousness she became aware that her arm around Dan's neck, along with his finger still deep inside her pussy seemed to be the only things keeping her from slipping onto the floor. Debby regained com complete consciousness just in time to re-exert control over her sphincter muscles and avoid a couple of very embarrassing accidents in her master's lap. Debbie smiled weakly at her ex-brotherin -law, then her expression froze. "Oh god, " she moaned as his thumb came down on her clitoris sending her into another episode of muscle cramping orgasmic undulations, "oh god." For the next thirty minutes Dan played with his slave, moving his thumb on and off her 'cum button' watching the expressions on her face as her orgasm started and stopped at his whim. "That's enough of that." Dan announced as he pulled his finger from his ex-sister-in-law's cunt. "Your clitoris is no longer your 'cum button'." He announced, then brought the tip of his finger down on her clitoris. Debbie cringed then relaxed with an exhausted smile when her body did not start cuming just from his touch. "Until I tell you otherwise, " Dan explained as he ran his hand over her naked, sweat drenched skin, you will only be able to cum when you have a cock in your ass." Dan ran his hand down between her legs feeling the hot, wetness of her pussy on his palm. "There is nothing you want more than to get fucked in the ass every chance you get." In spite of the unsatisfying results of her previous experiments with anal fucking, Debbie felt a growing desire to be fucked up the ass. By the time Dan pushed her from his lap and stood up the desire had grown into an obsession. As Dan helped her to her feet Debbie could think of nothing but getting his cock into her ass. "Are you going to fuck my ass now?" Debbie asked hopefully as Dan led her toward the bedrooms. "You forget, " Dan answered, "that we still have to punish Mattie." Dan stopped, turned, and took Debbie tenderly in his arms. "If you do a good job helping me punish your sister, " Dan stroked her hair and kissed her gently on the cheek, "then I'll fuck your ass." "Thank you." Debbie replied, feeling all safe, warm and cuddly in his arms.
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