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Get Yourself a College Girl Today!

Get Yourself a College Girl Today!

Here's the deal: spring break is coming up and you and your friends already have reserved accommodations for Cancun. What's next? Get yourself a college girl today, what else? The great thing about going to a couple of spring break parties is that there are college girls everywhere. But hey, even if it isn't spring break, here are some ways on how you could still get yourself a college girl today.
1. First of all, you need to find the girls. How can you possibly get yourself a college girl today if you don't even know where they are? Spring break is a great time to scope the landscape, and meeting girls is as easy as carrying a 6-pack (beer, that is.) However, if spring break is a good two to ten months away, you may want to switch gears and try the more popular college kid hangouts. Bars may be great, but there is a great possibility that you will get the brush off before you could even say hello.
Try less conspicuous places that most college girls hang out. (No, we are not talking about hanging outside the beauty saloon either. FYI, most college girls do not hangout at the pedicure section to find a fellow.) Try the coffee houses in and around the campus, or the parks or the public libraries. You'll get a better chance of a nice chat (and maybe a number or two) than trying to impress girls at the bar.
2. Another tip on how to get yourself a college girl today is this: time your appearances when girls do want to meet new people. Start of the academic year is always great since everyone wants to meet a new friend. The first get-to-know parties on campus can also be considered great timing, and you can be assured that there will always be another party somewhere, some time later.
If you are going to the party with your friends, you might as well ask them to introduce you to as many people as possible. This would be a great way of networking so as to meet as many girls as possible.
Other social events can be a blast too, but a sure-fire way of catching the attention of a couple of college ladies is to help out with the preparations. Nothing can impress the ladies better than a helpful guy, you know. This way, you get to know the girls a whole lot better than just bumping into them "accidentally" during events.
3. Now, when you do meet a particular girl you like, try to upgrade yourself a little - just a little. You won't be doing this really for yourself, but rather to impress her. Supposing that this particular girl happens to take pottery class every Thursday night; you could take the same class and offer to walk her home afterward. Or, if she happens to do her wash at the local laundry mat on Wednesdays; you could do your clothes (or your friends') at the same time, and just chat her up while your let the laundry dry.
There are other ways on how to get yourself a college girl today. One thing to keep in mind though: girls will always be girls, and nothing sweeps them off their feet like a little romantic gesture. Flowers and chocolates still yield positive results.

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